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RDP Associates

R&D Projects

R&D Tax credit and Grant Specialists to Help Improve Your Bottom Line

Experienced government grants and research tax credit consultants can assist you in obtaining maximum funding for your R&D and innovation projects in the UK. With a mission to help companies innovate, we at RDP Associates Inc. (RDP) leave no stone unturned when it comes to accessing government financial assistance for your business development initiatives.

Filing for R&D Tax Credits: RDP Expertise Adds Credibility to Your Applications

Applying for an R&D tax credit is a three-step process. It involves identifying an eligible R&D initiative, writing up a project description, and determining qualifying R&D expenditures that you can claim. RDP’s expertise adds value and credibility to your application by authenticating your claims and simplifying the process for your staff. The RDP difference lies in our team of scientists, engineers and accountants that has extensive experience with filing for government grants and follows a unique peer-to-peer approach. Our methodology has been developed with the intention of having a negligible impact on your staff or interference with day-to-day business.

As part of the claims filing process, RDP will:

  • Identify R&D projects
  • Ensure all R&D tax relief claim criteria are met
  • Maximize claims by including all eligible R&D activities and costs
  • Assist your company in addressing any questions HMRC may have concerning their review of the claim

Optimize Returns with RDP’s Expert Claim Review Service

Some clients take advantage of our claim review service to verify the authenticity of their applications and maximize their returns. As RDP prepares hundreds of funding and grants claims every year, we stay current on R&D programme issues and filing requirements.

As part of your claim review, RDP will:

  • Carefully go through and discuss claim documentation to ensure that your company understands HMRC requirements. Where information is deficient, RDP will advise of the appropriate documentation that should be recorded.
  • Ensure the project description information covers in the best manner why the projects meet the R&D criteria.
  • Reduce chances of an audit by ensuring information being filed is complete and meets HMRC requirements.
  • Review expenditure of each project to determine if all eligible costs related to the projects have been identified and claimed.

You can count on us to connect innovation to your bottom line by obtaining maximum funding for your research and development activities.

Eliminate Costly Errors with RDP’s R&D System Audit

We firmly believe that without a reliable and integrated R&D system in place, you risk losing out on R&D tax credits and increase the chance of your claim being denied. RDP’s R&D System Audit service offers expert recommendations on your systems for identifying, capturing and documenting R&D projects with greater efficiency and accuracy.

RDP’s R&D Training Workshops

RDP offers half and full-day workshops to show you which tools and techniques you need to innovate and make your R&D claims filing process more efficient. All RDP workshops are customized to the needs of your particular business.

The RDP Difference

We know the rules! Having been through hundreds of government reviews, we are able to work with programme officials effectively to ensure maximum benefits. We also advise companies on how to build and implement internal processes that will help identify, capture and document all R&D projects, activities and costs to support their claims. In the long run, installing these systems eases the burden of filing a claim.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a Free Assessment. We can help determine your eligibility for government grants or R&D and innovation tax credits in the UK.

Contact Us to schedule an appointment for a Free Assessment.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a Free Assessment. We can help determine your eligibility for tax credits and grants and share more information about innovation funding.

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