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RDP Associates

Innovation Management

Maximizing Your Bottom Line

At RDP Associates Inc. (RDP), our innovation management consulting services are designed to provide you with the highest returns. We focus on improving efficiencies within the new product development cycle ensuring you have the right tools and techniques in place to succeed. Over 25 years of experience with guiding companies through their innovation projects has resulted in effective processes and practices that deliver results. Let us help you implement an innovation management plan that transforms theory into sustained growth and returns.

Are you looking to enter a new technical area?

As a leading international consulting firm, we provide benchmarking services to help evaluate if a technology is worth the investment, or if it is worthwhile to patent an invention.

Is your company struggling to generate new product ideas?

We can help fuel the innovation pipeline by organizing an idea management program to ensure that the next best product idea is always ready for launch.

Customized Innovation Management Consulting Solutions to Meet Your Needs

RDP will work with your organization to fit innovation into your overall strategy. From selecting the right projects to project planning, testing, and idea management, you can count on our experienced innovation management consultants to create a seamless, customized blueprint for success.

Below is an overview of how our innovation management services help you achieve results.​

  • Technical Benchmarking: Ensuring You Are on the Right Path

    Our Invention Evaluator Report gives you the confidence that you are pursuing the right path. It will also help you make informed decisions about commercialization and project priorities.

    Once you submit your idea, we will provide you with a report that includes a systematic analysis of the technology, IP, and market landscapes surrounding your idea. The report is divided into three sections:

    1. Technical merits and challenges of your invention
    2. Intellectual property rights that you may have available, and
    3. Potential and pathways available to commercialize your invention
  • Phase Gate Systems: Reducing Your Time to Market

    RDP can help you organize your new product development project to ensure the appropriate level of rigour and flexibility for your organization. Our phase gate systems ensure that all key stakeholders are involved at the right times and that decisions to pull back or go forward with a project are made with facts rather than emotion. This speeds up your new product development process and reduces time to market, while still making sure that you are not missing any key steps along the way. Customized solutions ensure you have a system that fits the unique needs of your company.

  • Experimental Design, Test Plans and Project Planning: Providing You with Results

    When planning to overcome a technological uncertainty, a good experimental design can help ensure that your experiments are truly answering key questions. RDP Associates can help you plan an experimental design that will deliver statistically significant results. We also have the advanced capabilities to further support your efforts by assisting you in drafting test plans and project plans for larger scale endeavours.

  • Idea Management: Keeping the Innovation Pipeline Flowing

    Having a well-organized idea management program can help ensure that you are always ready to work on the next best idea and your innovation pipeline is constantly in motion. Let us guide you through setting up an idea management program that fits your needs, whether it is internal idea competitions, or a better methodology for managing your project portfolio.

The RDP Difference: Innovator’s Toolkit

The RDP Innovator’s Tool Kit offers proven tools and techniques that you will be able to employ right away in your own business. These tools and best practices will allow you to streamline the new product development process, making it much more efficient and profitable.

You will find this toolkit useful for:

  • Identifying high potential innovation projects
  • Effectively managing people, projects and innovation ROI
  • Leveraging brainpower and creativity
  • Selecting and optimizing designs
  • Mapping new product and delivery processes
  • Setting up for commercialization

Contact Us to schedule an appointment for a Free Assessment.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a Free Assessment. We can help determine your eligibility for tax credits and grants and share more information about innovation funding.

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