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August 27, 2018 | 9:56 pm BY Greta Bianchi | Grants

With dozens of different streams of funding to support a wide range of business activities, Ontario’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program offers grants to farmers, Cannabis growers, and food and beverage manufacturers to help them strengthen their business and diversify markets. Each stream of funding has its own rules and requirements, which make applying for them a challenge for applicants.

What follows is a brief snapshot of a long list of most commonly asked questions that businesses have about their eligibility for CAP program. The complete list of questions and their answers can be downloaded in the bottom.

1. Who is eligible for Ontario CAP grants?
– Farmers and farm businesses producing agricultural commodities in Ontario (any crop or livestock)
– Equine breeding businesses
– Horse racing stables *eligible for assessment, audit, planning and training streams only
– Food and beverage manufacturers
– Breweries, wineries, and distilleries
– Tobacco-based pharmaceuticals or other bio-products
– Greenhouses and land-based ornamentals suppliers (flowers, shrubs, sod, etc.)
– Health and nutrition supplements
– Pet food products
– Aquaculture (fish and seafood) processors *eligible for international marketing and traceability streams only
– Businesses or manufacturers planning to introduce a product, technology or production method into the Ontario market which relates to agricultural commodities, food, beverage, or agri-based bio-products (e.g. manufacturers of farming equipment or food processing machinery)

2. Are cannabis companies eligible?
Yes, they are but only for Ontario provincial programs. According to current Federal regulations, cannabis falls under Health Canada, not Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, so it is currently not eligible for Federal CAP programs like Agri-Innovate. These regulations may be subject to change in the future.
Cannabis growers are eligible for Ontario CAP programs if they are able to register for and obtain a Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN) from Ontario Agricorp. Very small new producers can apply without an FBRN if their annual gross income was below $7000 in the last three tax years.
Cannabis processors (manufacturers of cannabis-derived products) are eligible for Ontario CAP programs as long as the company is a legal entity operating in Ontario and are legally able to sell their products.

3. What kinds of activities and costs are eligible?
The following types of activities are covered under current funding streams:
– Developing new products or processes
– Developing a Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Labour Productivity Plan
– Education, Training, Assessment, Planning
– Equipment, systems or facility modifications to improve plant/animal health, food safety, traceability
– Technology or equipment to improve labour productivity
– ERP systems
– Marketing products in Canada or Internationally
Within the above, applicants may claim the following types of costs relevant to their project:
– Capital costs of purchasing equipment or technology
– The contractor, consulting, engineering and advisory fees
– One-time labour costs of staff directly working on the project
– One-time rental of facilities, machinery or equipment needed for the project
– Training costs

RDP can assist you with compiling and filing these reports at your request if you provide us with the necessary information before the reporting deadline.

Download this PDF to get the full picture on CAP.

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