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For over 20 years, RDP has been assisting companies with SRED claims and our SRED workshops have been extremely popular with our clients.

In a group setting, we review specific SRED projects undertaken by the company focussing on eligibility of projects, activities and costs, along with appropriate documentation.

The benefits of the workshop are as follows:

    1. You will learn CRA’s administrative practices in assessing SR&ED claims, which have changed substantially over the past year.
    2. Your staff will be gathered in a group setting, and interact on specific SR&ED projects, which creates uniformity in claims, and a consistent knowledge which maximizes SR&ED claims.
    3. With 20 years experience, and filing thousands of SRED claims, we provide you with the benefit of our specialized experience.
    4. We will introduce to you the Innovation Connection Program, created by RDP, to ensure company’s filing SR&ED claims identify, capture, and properly document their claims.
    5. We will show you examples of what to do and what not to do in preparing a description of your projects, tailored to your industry and field of science.
    6. Discuss approaches for the reasonable estimation of cost allocations to a project.
    7. Discuss best practices and approaches for planning your future R&D around maximizing your SRED returns, such as how to structure contracts, implications of other government assistance, and use of contractors.

    RDP has both a half-day and full day workshop, which is customized to your particular business. Prior to the workshop, specific examples are gathered to present at the workshop. The workshop can be carried out onsite or off site.