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Through its twenty years of experience, RDP has developed checklists and guidelines to ensure that claims are complete and accurate. The checklists cover all aspects of the R&D claim, including areas where most companies miss out on claiming projects, activities or costs. With respect to companies that have prepared R&D claims in the past without RDP’s assistance, RDP focuses on what the company has not claimed. Again, through use of our checklists, guidelines and experience, RDP has historically increased claims in over 70% of the cases reviewed.


One of the critical areas of ensuring that a claim is successfully processed relates to dealing with government tax officials on a review of a R&D claim. RDP’s experience and professional manner ensure a smooth review. RDP knows the rules and has been through many government reviews, providing us with the experience to work with government officials effectively.

RDP will also work with companies to build a process internally, to identify, capture and document all R&D projects, activities and costs. In the long run, installing these systems with RDP’s assistance ensures supportable claims that are facilitated by a system that eases the burden of filing a claim.



The Innovation Connection is a program that helps you connect your innovation with your bottom line. Created by RDP, The Innovation Connection is for growth-oriented corporations that are focused on technology improvements and are looking to seize and maximize opportunities that will increase cash and profits.

As a client of RDP we work together to help you create a clear and well-defined vision of the future. As a result, you will have a strategy in place to achieve your goals. You take advantage of all R&D opportunities. You are maximizing and optimizing your claims. You are on top of your claims. You have the best expertise to identify, document and capture R&D. You are clear about eligibility and process. You have buy-in from management and staff. Most importantly, you have a trusted advisor who is helping you plan and invest in your future. As a result, your company's reputation is growing as an industry leader.