Audit of SR&ED System PDF Print E-mail

As most companies make R&D claims each year and given that the tax savings are significant, companies have developed their own system to file claims each year. These systems however were generally developed in an ad hoc manner.

The objective of this service is to review the clients system to identify, capture and document eligible R&D projects and provide our recommendations on the system.

The specific services are;

  1. Review method and procedures of selecting eligible projects.
  2. Review method and procedure of determining eligible activities and costs.
  3. Review manner in which the above information is captured in the system.
  4. Review the documentation to support R&D projects including minutes of meetings, project plans, drawings, test results, emails, pictures, logs and notebooks
  5. Provide report on where system is deficient and specific recommendations how it can be improved including providing templates or software to use as a tool or technique.

RDP firmly believes that if you do not have a reliable and integrated R&D system in place, you not only losing out on R&D credits but exposing your claim to being denied.

Our clients tell us that, upon implementing the recommendations provided by RDP, the claim process has resulted in less staff time required to prepare the claim; a more timely method of preparing the claim sooner in a more relaxed and complete fashion; a system that can properly support any government review and a certainty that all eligible costs have been claimed.