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Some clients prefer to prepare their claims independently but see the benefit of having RDP review the claim prior to submission.  RDP is very current on all international R&D tax issues and filing requirements, as well as preparing hundreds of claims each year. A review of a claim will have 3 objectives;

  1. Ensure the project description information contained in the tax forms describes in the best manner why the projects meet the R&D criteria, specifically; The information being filed with government is edited to ensure the information is complete and meets CRA requirements reducing the chance of an audit. RDP is familiar with what types of filings  provoke a CRA site reviews and care is taken to present the information in a format that provides information strictly related to eligible R&D work, information that is concise and to the point
  2. Review the documentation available to support the claim should a site review occur RDP will review or discuss documentation to support the claim to ensure the company understands CRA requirements, where information is deficient, RDP will advise of the appropriate documentation that should be recorded.
  3. Review of costs to determine if all eligible costs related to the projects identified by the client are claimed;Specifically RDP will review each project and run through all the types of costs that typically qualify, and have not been identified by the client,  to determine if any of these should be claimed.